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Ionic Rescue



SKU: E78005

Accessory for mounting a PIXA® headlamp on a helmet

The PIXADAPT allows the user to mount or remove a PIXA headlamp from a helmet at any time, while maintaining the ability to tilt the lamp. PIXADAPT is compatible with Petzl helmets with or without an eye shield. Also Suitable for use for all IONIC water rescue helmets. 


  • Consists of a single piece: adhesive backing allows the PIXADAPT to remain attached, while the headlamp can be easily removed
  • Allows the user to easily mount a PIXA® headlamp on a helmet:
    - Compatible with PIXA® 1, 2, 3, 3R, Z1 headlamps
    - Maintains the ability to tilt the headlamp
    - Compatible with IONIC water rescue helmets
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