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Ionic Rescue

IONIC Urban Raft

IONIC Urban Raft

SKU: SAF38056

The IONIC Urban Flood Raft has been specifically developed for Urban Flood Evacuations where operational size is important, especially in built up locations. The Urban Raft is designed to accommodate 6 persons with a buoyancy capacity of over 1000KG thanks to its large capacity Sponson Tubes delivering maximum buoyancy and stability. It can be paddled in swift water, tethered or most commonly waded through flood water for the evacuation of casualties.
Manufactured in Orca® Hypalon the Urban Raft delivers unrivalled durability compared to PVC constructed models. It boasts an Orca® 6” Drop Thread Deck which inflates to 6psi providing a stable platform. The Deck is raised from the outer floor skin reducing the risk of getting wet inside the raft. The Deck is also overlayed with a Hypalon coating providing a safe/hard wearing non-slip platform.
The raft is fitted with internal and external lifelines, protective sponson patches and ten tethering points located around the raft, four at each side and one at either end.
The Urban Raft is designed for inflation using a compressed air cylinder fitted with the IONIC Compact Inflation Kit which is recommended for rapid inflation and quick deployment.

Load Capacity
• Maximum number of persons 6
• Maximum payload 1000kg

Dimensions / Weight
• Overall Length 3.7m
• Overall Width 1.75m
• Deck Length 3.45m
• Deck Width 0.75m
• Packed Weight 35kg

• Number of chambers in Sponsons x 4
• Inflatable high pressure Deck x 1
• Total Airtight chambers x 5
• Sponson working pressure 3 psi
• Deck working pressure 6 psi

 Towing / Tethering Points
• Bow D-Ring Patches x 5
• Stern D-Ring Patches x 5

Sponsons & Deck
• 150mm (6”) High pressure Deck
• 500mm (19”) diameter Hypalon Sponsons
• Sponsons consist of 4 air tight chambers

• Rapid inflation points on Sponsons & Deck
• PRV’s fitted to Sponsons & Deck

• Sponsons - ORCA Hypalon
• Keel - ORCA Hypalon
• Deck - ORCA Drop Thread Deck
• Seat Patches - ORCA Hypalon

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