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Ionic Rescue

IONIC Titan Sled

IONIC Titan Sled

SKU: SAF38070

The Titan Sled is designed for applications including water, mud and ice rescue operations. With a raised bow, the Titan performs well in swift water scenarios allowing rescuers to perform their duties reducing the risk of water swamping the sled. The sled is designed to carry two rescuers and one casualty but can accommodate up to 5 persons.

The Titan is constructed with 2 separate air chambers for the Sponsons and a single chamber for the Deck. Each air chamber has inflate/deflate valves and a PRV (Pressure Relief Valve).

The Titan can be inflated rapidly using high pressure air cylinders connected to the inflation valves using the Compact Inflation Kit (SAF38038) or by using a conventional hand/foot pump.

Load Capacity
• Maximum number of persons 5
• Maximum payload 500kg

Dimensions / Weight
• Overall Length 3.7m
• Overall Width 1.2m
• Length of extended Deck section 0.45m
• Interior Length 3.45m
• Interior Width 0.7m

• Number of chambers in Sponsons 2
• Inflatable high pressure Deck 1
• Total Airtight chambers 3
• Sponson working pressure 3 psi
• Deck working pressure 6 psi

Towing / Tethering Points
• Bow D-Ring Patches 3
• Stern D-Ring Patches 2

Sponsons & Deck
• 150mm (6”) High pressure Deck
• 200mm (8”) diameter Hypalon Sponsons
• Sponsons consist of 2 air tight chambers

• Rapid inflation points on Sponsons & Deck
• PRV’s fitted to Sponsons & Deck

• Sponsons - ORCA Hypalon
• Deck - ORCA Hypalon double skin drop thread

Packed Dimensions / Weight
• 80(l) x 70(w) x 40(h) cms
• Packed Weight 25kg

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