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Ionic Rescue

IONIC Thermacore V Socks

IONIC Thermacore V Socks

SKU: SAF20036

Unlike regular, 2D fabrics, Thermacore V uses two separate fabrics, joined by microfilament yarn, to create a breathable, 3D “microclimate” between layers.

Heat and vapour leave the body, moving to this highly permeable layer. Then, the cool air provided by this naturally ventilating pushes out the heat and vapor, providing temperature control and maximum air circulation.

The principle behind it is all about its ability to resist compression compared to standard type wadding and fleece fabrics.

The material will then trap either air or water within its structure, so even when the undergarment becomes wet it traps the water and stops “flushing” of the water that is in the garment and that has been warmed by the wearer creating a permanent heated insulating layer.

The proof is definitely in the wearing when it comes to Spacer fabrics.

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