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Ionic Rescue

IONIC Ranger 470 Craft

IONIC Ranger 470 Craft

SKU: SAF38016

The Ranger 470 Rescue Craft is designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the specific requirements of emergency service rescue teams for inland and coastal search & rescue and flood rescue operations. The design provides both stability and high speed capability and has one of the largest load capability and has one of the largest load capacities in its class, at 1300kg.

It is designed to be lightweight for easier manual handling and can either be trailer mounted which is recommended for larger power units or transported in a valise/stowage bag.

The high-pressure Deck and Keel design is built using a calculated interference-fit construction method, so when the sections are fully inflated, they lock onto each other. Constructing the craft using this method provides additional strength and rigidity to the craft enhancing performance and stability of the craft without the need for rigid components. The Deck and Keel arrangement for this craft provide a shallow V-shape hull for high speed capability and low speed tracking.

The craft is fitted with capsize re-right lines, and external and internal lifelines that are attached to the Sponsons together with a Deck lifeline that enables operators to adopt a low brace position during adverse operating conditions.

The Ranger 470 Sponsons have five separate air chambers with Interconnecting valves between each chamber. Each chamber has an inflation/deflation valve which are rated for rapid inflation using high pressure air cylinders or by using a conventional hand/foot pump. PRV’s (Pressue Relief Valves) are fitted to both the Sponsons, Keel and Deck for additional safety when inflating using compressed air cylinders.

Load Capacity
• Maximum number of persons 11
• Maximum payload including engine 1300kg
Dimensions / Weight
• Overall Length 4.7m
• Overall Width 2.2m
• Interior Length 3.4m
• Interior Width 1.2m
• Stowed Weight 95kg

• Number of chambers in Sponsons 5
• Removable Inflatable Keel 1
• Inflatable high pressure Airdeck 1
• Total airtight chambers 7
• Sponson working pressure (stern) 5 psi
• Sponson working pressure (bow) 3 psi
• Deck working pressure 9 psi

Towing Points
• Bow Towing D-Ring Patches 3
• Transom Towing eyes 2

Sponsons & Deck
• 150mm (6”) High pressure Airdeck
• 500mm (20”) Hypalon Sponsons
• Sponsons consist of 5 chambers connected via interconnecting valves

• Sponson seat patches
• Underside Sponson protection
• 110mm side Sponson protective strake
• 200mm Keel protective strake
• Transom protective plate

• Interconnecting valves on Sponsons
• Keel isolation valve
• Rapid inflation points on Sponsons & Deck
• Top up inflate/deflate points to Sponsons
• PRV’s fitted to Sponsons, Keel & Deck

• 40mm heavy duty composite construction
• Aluminium outboard mounting plate
• Self-bailing deck drains
• Keel drain valve
• Towing eyes
• Engine securing point

• Sponsons - ORCA Hypalon
• Keel - ORCA Hypalon
• Seat Patches - ORCA Hypalon
• Deck - ORCA Hypalon double skin Drop Thread

• ISO-6185-3: 2018 Category C

Packed Dimensions / Weight
• 150(l) x 80(w) x 60(h) cms
• 95KG

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