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Ionic Rescue

IONIC Cyclone PRO R1 Ladies Drysuit (With Drop Seat)

IONIC Cyclone PRO R1 Ladies Drysuit (With Drop Seat)

SKU: SAF10076 (Neoprene with Drop Seat), SAF10078 (Latex with Drop Seat)

The Cyclone PRO R1 Ladies Drysuit has been designed for use where durability and performance is required. This model of drysuit has been chosen by many Emergency Services for its comfort, fit and extreme durability. 

Manufactured in our BTR480 trilaminate fabric, the PRO R1 drysuit incorporates a waterproof rubber butyl membrane laminated between an inner and outer layer of polyester. This fabric is lightweight and soft to the touch ensuring wearer comfort particularly during long periods of operational use. The butyl membrane also provides unrivalled protection against abrasion, puncture and tear giving an extended drysuit lifespan.

Designed around the unique female form IONIC have designed a female version of the PRO R1 and PRO R3 drysuits ensuring that all females can now be fitted correctly while carrying out life saving operational duties. Key features to our female pattern drysuits are shorter arm and leg lengths, reflected in women’s physiques while a contoured hip pattern is to accommodate a hip curve without creating an ill-fitting effect! IONIC offers a drop seat option offering relief without having to take off all your layers. Featuring the all new Aquaseal® curved waterproof zip, the drop seat is dry, and the user can easily open and close. 

Available without drop seat on request.

IONIC PRO R1 is the choice of professionals!

  • Manufactured from BTR480 trilaminate fabric
  • BI-OME microbial treatment
  • Latex or neoprene neck and cuff option
  • Diagonal front entry design
  • Heavy duty 3 dimensional latex socks
  • 360° Reflective markings on sleeve and ankles
  • Cordura® reinforcement panels on seat and knee
  • YKK Aquaseal® dryzip with zip cover
  • YKK Aquaseal® curved convenience dryzip 
  • Quick disconnect internal braces
  • Protective ankle gaiter
  • Elasticated waist to ensure comfortable fit
  • Bellows pocket on leg with Velcro closure and gear loop
  • 3 Year warranty


Neck and Cuff Seals
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