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Ionic Rescue

IONIC Merino Sock Liners

IONIC Merino Sock Liners

SKU: SAF20027

Merino wool has excellent hygroscopic properties – its ability to absorb and release water vapour quickly and yet retain its thermal insulation properties. Moisture management Merino builds on these properties and ensures that the product remains soft and comfortable to wear. Liquid moisture is easy for the Merino fibre to manage, with its technology employed to enhance total water management by absorbing liquid sweat and moving it away from the body by evaporation, making the wearer feel more comfortable.

Another key feature of Merino is its anti bacterial properties reduce the tendency for build-up of body odours. Its complex chemical structure locks the odour molecules within the fibre and only releases them upon washing.

The Merino SOCK liners are manufactured using Merino wool and Sorona natural fibres, which delivers superior levels of thermal insulation.

“Retains its thermal properties even when wet”

The Merino sock liner makes an ideal base layer in conjunction with a thermal sock.

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