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Ionic Rescue

IONIC Inflatable Boat Stirrup Pump

IONIC Inflatable Boat Stirrup Pump

SKU: SAF39009

The IONIC double action Stirrup Pump is a great all-round pump perfect for blowing up your Inflatable Boat, Raft, Sled or Path or any item which has a Leafield valve. Using double action technology this pump enables you to get high capacity air into the chambers whilst you are pushing or pulling on the pump which means it will cut your pumping time by half. You then change the switch valve to make is single action which then adds high pressure to get your item up to pressure. Also, to add the many great features of this pump it can handle up to 30psi (2.0bar) which is a lot higher than its competitors.

  • Switch Valve System
  • Double action for extra capacity
  • Cuts your pumping time down by half
  • Suitable for all IONIC Inflatables and products with Leafield Valves
  • Very long 125cm (49″) useful detachable hose
  • 30psi (2.0bar) capacity
  • Leafield inflation adapter
  • 2 x 1800cc
  • 63cm tall
  • Built in pressure gauge
  • Deflates and inflates
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