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Ionic Rescue

Besto Turnsafe Lifejacket

Besto Turnsafe Lifejacket

 SKU: SAF40051

The Besto Turn Safe Lifejacket is fully approved according to the new ISO 12402-3 level 150N and the new testing (12402-9) and material (12402-7) requirements that will change lifejacket performance, mark a new era in lifejacket design and give the best performance for both Adults and Children.


  • Grab loop collar
  • Retro reflective tapes
  • High buoyancy collar to support head
  • Rigid foam construction for better turning force
  • Adjustable chin strap for optimising face angle and freeboard
  • High Buoyancy Single Chest block construction improves in-water performance
  • Easily adjustable belt and strong NEXUS buckle
  • Durable 100% High-Vis PES outer clothing
  • Securely fastened whistle
  • Double Crotch Strap or Nappy

Certification: EN ISO 12402-3

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