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Ionic Rescue

Besto 165N Lifejacket

Besto 165N Lifejacket


SKU: SAF30041 Automatic,  SAF30040 Manual

The Besto 165N Inflatables have a good body fit due to the soft outer cover and special neck shape. The collar is strapped onto the back, this gives a comfortable neck fit, it also gives a good neck/head support when the jacket is inflated.
The jacket comes with a crotch strap as standard, to enhance performance and freeboard. The jacket is finished with edge binding all-around. It has a buoyancy of 165N. 

  • Adult Size 50+ KG
  • Buoyancy 165N
  • UML MK5 Inflator
  • 33g CO2 cylinder

Certification: EN ISO 12402-3

Inflation System
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