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Ionic Rescue

Beal PRO WATER 11mm Floating Rope

Beal PRO WATER 11mm Floating Rope


The BEAL PRO WATER 11mm rope is a semi-static type A rope. Thanks to a new patented technology, it is the first floating rope with these characteristics. Moreover, it has a limited shrinkage in water which means it remains flexible and easy to knot. These advantages mean it is particularly used for working at height above water: wind turbines at sea, oil platforms, etc. It can also be used in white water rescue.

Manufactured in bright orange it's easy to spot in the water, facilitating rescue by boat. Its buoyancy prevents it from getting caught in propellers. In addition, the UNICORE innovative technology binds the core and the sheath of this rope securely, this reinforces your safety as well as the rope's resistance to friction and abrasion.


Diameter 11mm
Material Polyamide
Low Impact Force 5KN
Sheath Material Polyamid(PA) + Polychloroprene
Rope Core Polyamid(PA) + Polychloroprene
Colour Orange
Breaking Load 25,5kN
Static Elongation 3.6%

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