Safequip Lead The Way in Microbial treatment for Drysuits

Revolutionary Microbial Treatment For Drysuits
Safequip Ltd has joined forces with key industry partners to introduce a revolutionary permanent microbial treatment which is now being applied to all IONIC Cyclone butyl manufactured drysuits.

Working with industry leading textile and chemical companies, this innovative microbial prevention treatment has been developed to be applied to the inner Polyester weave of the drysuit’s trilaminate fabric. This treatment is called Bi-OME® and Safequip are excited to bring this revolutionary product to its customers.

The vast majority of microbial prevention treatments currently in the market use a metal based compound (usually silver) which in some cases can be damaging to the environment. These chemicals cannot withstand the vulcanizing process of butyl coating used in drysuit production.

The process used in the application of Bi-OME® avoids the use of harmful metal compounds by employing a mechanical based treatment. This makes the process environmentally friendly.

Why Microbial Prevention in Drysuits is Important
The air proof and watertight construction of a surface drysuit, combined with sweat condensation on the inner lining, is the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and multiply. These bacteria then break down sweat into acids, ammonia and sulphides, creating unpleasant smells and an uncomfortable environment.
The BI-OME® treatment is incorporated into the drysuit lining and works by binding to the polyester weave of the suit. The active ingredient binds to the substrate, attracting the micro-organisms and then mechanically puncturing the cell wall, thereby
denaturing the bacteria.

It is a permanent, metal free, non-migrating treatment which is not consumed by micro-organisms and does not cause adaptive micro-organisms. The treatment improves freshness and promotes hygiene by preventing microbial growth.

BI-OME® Reduces the Need to Launder Drysuits
Given that drysuits are not easy to launder and are often shared by operational personnel, these corrosive compounds tend to build up over time, which can have a deterioration effect on the drysuit lining as well as compromising the drysuit waterproof seam and taping systems.
The BI-OME® treatment is a well proven, non-migrating technology that massively reduces the need to clean the inside of the drysuit with strong detergents, which can damage the inner lining and compromise the
waterproof integrity of the drysuit seam taping systems.
What our customers can expect from BI-OME®
• Proven technology
• Prevents odour formations on drysuit liner
• Active against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms
• Outstanding safety and registration profile: BPR, EPA, REACH, OEKO-Tex
• Eliminates different types of micro-organisms
• High wash durability
• No migration to the skin or environment
• Metal & Silver free
• No skin irritation
• Non toxic to waste water bacteria
• Recyclable & Biodegradable

For further information on this product please contact any of our sales team or click here to download the information manual.
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